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This holiday season, we wanted to treat our customers to a surprise, to somehow create a new invisible bond that would feel distinctly human.

We reached out to three women that inspire us and asked them to help us wish a happy New Year to our community.

They wrote three beautiful letters, each in her own style and mother tongue. Artist Diana Gordon preached self-love and gratitude in English. Author and editor Shakri Amirkhanova manifested timeless connections in Russian. Historian and migration scholar Adolat Rakhmankulova emphasized the importance of appreciating life’s beauty in Uzbek.

To celebrate the turn of the year, we also took up enclosing a copy of one of the letters with every purchase of items from our seasonal New Year drop.
Adolat Rakhmankulova

Historian and migration scholar promotes taking the time to appreciate life’s beauty in Uzbek
Shakri Amirkhanova

Author and editor invokes fictional connections and manifests timeless closeness in Russian
Diana Gordon

Artist encourages self-love and preaches gratitude in English